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    Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and established in 2010, RIANNE S is the only erotic brand that has combined personal branding with product branding, as the company is titled after its namesake Rianne Swierstra.

    Nothing to do with ego, but to inspire trust in women and highlight that every RIANNE S product is designed by a woman for women.

    This is also the reason why everything at RIANNE S is done with care, from the designing to the packaging and branding.

    The latest collection is packaged in a luxury cosmetic bag and on RIANNE-S.com you can find inspiration, but also instructions and tips for women (and their partners) to make the most out of their RIANNE S product.

    But RIANNE S embodies more than just a toy.

    Or as Rianne herself puts is: “This is my passion, my love for female well-being in general, but especially their sexual wellness.

    The RIANNE S Collection has been featured in various mainstream publications worldwide, both on- and offline and includes the Forbidden Fruit and the Matryoshka.

    RIANNE S is currently sold in 35 countries.

    3 products
    Rianne-S - Booty Plug Luxury Set 2 Gold-Butt Plugs-Rianne-S-Danish Blue Adult Centres
    Rianne-S - Booty Plug Luxury Set 2 Gold
    RIANNE S Booty Plug Set x3 (Black)
    RIANNE S Booty Plug Set x3 (Purple)-Butt Plugs-Rianne-S-Danish Blue Adult Centres
    RIANNE S Booty Plug Set x3 (Purple)
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